Qt4 and C++
Qt4 grass physics engine

Qt4 grass physics engine

I got a little bored when visiting my parents and last place I tried to go to work didn't want me because of my poor C++ skills. So best way to practice OOP in C++ and familiarise myself with the syntax is to make a project. My idea of project - a 2d physics engine for grass... It had GUI, OOP and was simple enough for one evening project.

I found very good tutorial from site http://zetcode.com/tutorials/qt4tutorial/ . Surprisingly GUI programming in C++ was exactly the same as in Java or in Python. The C++ syntax was easy too because I had seen it for years, and finally I understood why it was like that all along. Also qmake is very useful, must learn that more.

Secondly I realised (again) that random function is very useful in games, and more or less useless in everything else. And finally - the GUI worked at 100FPS, I love fast reacting GUI. Damn shame that my computer is slow/Intel Atom.

Source/binary: http://jaanus.tech-thing.org/img/c++_qt_test.tar.gz

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