Tech-thing KiCad library manager
Screenshot of Tech-thing KiCad Library editor

Screenshot of Tech-thing KiCad Library editor

The KiCad default library is so messy. Sorting and editing everything with text editor is pain in the ass (atleast possible *hint at eagle*). I tried to download some existing library managers, but none of them worked. So... I made my own.

Tech-thing KiCad library manager manages both, the library files and module files. It lets browse all your library and module files and their content. You can delete and add files. Also delete, rename, copy and move their content. Supports library components with aliases, just use / between aliases (example: OPA334/OPA2334/OPA335/OPA2335). To use it, copy it to KiCad base folder and run it with python.

The code is made in python, using tkinter. I tried to make it readable and pretty but it ended up as always. At the moment it's at version 1.0 because it has all the functionality I wanted it to have, maybe sometime in the future, if there is an interest for it, I will continue developing it, but not this week.

v1.1 add file rename button
v1.2 make it easier to run on different operating systems
v1.3 refactor the code with askstring(...)
v1.4 make it possible to copy modules from board files
v1.5 add whole library viewer
v1.6 add search
v1.x maybe add more parameters to edit in each component (3d file location etc.)
v2.0 display pictures of each component

Source in Github


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8 thoughts on “Tech-thing KiCad library manager

  1. Hello ! I've tried to use your tool but couldn't, is there a wayto specify the paths for libraries and modules? Thanks !

  2. Ok, I got it! needed to update config.txt file ! Thanks ! BTW, a small bug, could the library be refreshed when finished renaming component? Thanks !

  3. Another detail, when renaming a module, it doesn't rename the $EndMODULE neither Li parameter 🙂

  4. Tech-thing KiCad library manager does errors.
    Often is in the file *.mod makes mismatch. Part in library then not see.
    Imperfection in program.

    J. Kopal Czech republic

  5. I am trying to use your tool in kicad linux under ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Where am i supposed to put your code?
    Thank you ,

  6. Oh, It works! super, I just modified also the code to handle multiple lib and mod dirs

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