Selling stuff
Workbench while assembly.

Workbench while assembly.

I got to Hack a Day again. Thank you Hack a Day. This time I prepared more than last time. I had about 20 PCBs in stock and not very buggy webshop. But like wow, I didn't expect to get so much headache. Like the shipping: Different from Hong Kong where they can ship for free (or almost), it costs 3.5€ to send the cheapest package from Estonia to Unites States. Like.. wow. And sourcing of components. I didn't have enough batteries nor holders, so I had to source them locally, and the price difference is about 5 times. Oh the component sourcing fun. Asides of that I have been soldering couple of hours every day since the first orders and try to send out first batch tomorrow.

And did you know that to sell stuff you need:

  • Working webshop
  • Cool product
  • BIG stock of everything with long shipping time (PCBs from China)
  • Free money for parts
  • Envelopes
  • Address stickers
  • Bubble wrap!
  • Zip lock bags
  • And if you want to enjoy it - workers
First ten Half Ohms assembled and another ten waiting

First ten Half Ohms assembled and another ten waiting

But it is nice. After couple of days the madness will be over and I am smarter. Thank you all for support.

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9 thoughts on “Selling stuff

  1. Hey,

    Great project!
    Might I suggest the MAX4238 instead of the OPA335? It is pin compatible, cheaper, has slightly better characteristics. Does use more power though...
    Just a thought. Keep making cool stuff!

  2. It is cheaper, in digikey. Digikey order costs about 50€ so I only do one about once a year. But thank you.

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  3. Hi

    When using this adapter
    Do I need to use 4 wire testing?
    Do I need high current on the device I want to test?
    I want to use it for find short on mobile phone, so the current can't be high

  4. No, this adapter is 2 wire testing only. So you need to take wire resistance to account.

    The current and voltage are low enough to not damage cell phone and other electronic components.

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