Who am I?

Me, in school.


Jaanus Kalde.

Hmm. I'm technophiliac addict of efficiency. I practice almost everything related to technology - electronics, mechanics, computer software and blinking lights. I propagate being green and renewable energy.

I live in Tartu, Estonia and work as an electrical engineer. In my free time I program, build robots, play boardgames and do other stupidities.

E-mail:  jaanus@tech-thing.org

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi Jaanus,

    I was looking at the pictures you took from some RF boards with the nice shielding on the different blocks.
    I was wondering if you had higher resolution pictures as I would really like to study those boards a little more. On some pictures, it is hard to read what components they are using.
    Thanks again for those nice pictures.

    1. I don't have higher resolution pictures. But most of the component numbers are useless (at least for me). Searching for those didn't give me any datasheets. If you have other datasheet sources then I can go and make better pictures.

  2. Hi
    Have been looking at your tinyDino project. Could be useful in model railroad projects I would like to do. Is there any info available on the pcb and a bill of materials for building.
    Do you have any experience with downloading code from a TMS1000 1970s chip. I would like to do that and place with some modificatios on a Arduino.

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