Here is list of all projects. Enjoy.

I have been interested in space technology from summer of 2011. Since I think that everything should be open source, I try to publish all space related stuff I see. Unfortunately most of it is classified but I will do my best.

Most of my recent endeavours in satellite business are in Crystalspace CubeSat company.

Radio frequency stuff:

 Swarmbot Kobold:

I started to develop cheap and small robot - Kobold. Small because smaller components are cheaper, sensors with small range are cheaper and so on. I tried to get the robot about 40% cheap and 60% small. The goal size is nano sumo size - 25mm x 25mm x 25mm. The absolute maximum cost is set on €30 per robot. The robot is built to be compilable with Arduin Diecimila.

Half Ohm - milliohm adapter

Half Ohm - milliohm adapter

Half Ohm milliohm meter:

The abomination of point to point wiring

The abomination of point to point wiring

Robotex competition projects:

Robot hand project "Skeleton hand":

Function generator pcb and backside

Another protoboard build

Other projects:

KiCAD board editor with basic circuit.

PCB Board

Software projects and reviews:

Teardowns and reviews:

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