Here is list of all projects. Enjoy.

I have been interested in space technology from summer of 2011. Since I think that everything should be open source, I try to publish all space related stuff I see. Unfortunately most of it is classified but I will do my best.

Most of my recent endeavours in satellite business are in Crystalspace CubeSat company.

Radio frequency stuff:

 Swarmbot Kobold:

I started to develop cheap and small robot - Kobold. Small because smaller components are cheaper, sensors with small range are cheaper and so on. I tried to get the robot about 40% cheap and 60% small. The goal size is nano sumo size - 25mm x 25mm x 25mm. The absolute maximum cost is set on €30 per robot. The robot is built to be compilable with Arduin Diecimila.

Half Ohm - milliohm adapter

Half Ohm - milliohm adapter

Half Ohm milliohm meter:

The abomination of point to point wiring

The abomination of point to point wiring

Robotex competition projects:

Robot hand project "Skeleton hand":

Function generator pcb and backside

Another protoboard build

Other projects:

KiCAD board editor with basic circuit.

PCB Board

Software projects and reviews:

Teardowns and reviews:

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  1. Hello Jaanus,

    I have an Laserworld CS-500RGY, just like yours,i want to mod it with stronger DVD and BD diodes, i've used Google but did not find diagrams or drawings.
    Did you find them or other info which could be usefull when modding.

    Best Regards,


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