Bugs on your board #0
Me and Markus have been debugging our projects couple of days. As always in electrical engineering - you fail all the time. So I thought to write down today's failures and couple of old ones related to today's ones.
  • Tantalum capacitor blows up because they mark it the other way than electrolytics
  • Potentiometer is routed in the wrong way - output is logarithmic where it should be linear
  • Potentiometers next to each other work opposite ways
  • Pinheaders are so close that you can't plug into both of them at the same time
  • You accidentally deleted the file and forgot to backup... again
  • There is no pullup on reset
  • HWB leg on atmega8u2 is pulled high, not low
  • SCK from programmer is routed one pin left
  • Two row connector is soldered on wrong side of the board
  • Forgot to solder ferrite beads - no power on your chip
  • Cold joint on your chip - pressure from test lead makes contact, so you don't detect it with measuring
  • Regulator in unstable because you haven't soldered most of the circuit in place

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