Bugs on your board #1
  • Only passive you didn't triple check blows up your circuit five times
  • Code in the interrupts don't work - forgot to initialize the interrupts
  • Resistor you soldered was for compatibility with other chip, but with your one it works as a disable
  • Quadrotor is uncontrollable: can't find bugs from code, the motors and propellers were wrong way
  • You forgot battery powered thing on, your last battery died
  • Mosfet's drain and source are swapped, everything goes up in flames because of body diode
  • 20x microscope I bough magnifies too much, I can't see bigger chips than 1206
  • You use delay in interrupt.
  • You use interrupt in your interrupt.
  • Programming doesn't work, pinouts are correct, device was turned off
  • Transistor pinout is wrong - as always. Rotate you resistor 120 degrees.
  • Software PWM behaves erratically - interrupts were enabled in time critical loop  
  • You have two main loops

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