tinyDino - The smallest Arduino clone possible
Smallest Arduino clone - tinyDino

tinyDino board layout

Everybody are making Arduino clones. So I thought I should make THE smallest. I took smallest package atmega88 - 28qfn (5mm x 5mm). Routed smallest possible resonator and as much pads as i could fit on in.

The result - Smallest Arduino clone ever! Size is only 7.4mm x 7.4mm! Features include:

  • Auto reset
  • UART
  • SPI
  • 4 analog channels
  • 1 digital i/o
  • one LED
  • funny readme with BOM

It needs arduino bootloader for atmega88 like ottantotto bootloader, probably it needs some hacking too because the resonator is 8MHz not the Arduino regular 16MHz.

Get it from: http://jaanus.tech-thing.org/img/tinyDino.rar


Support open source hardware - get it from the maker: http://tech-thing.org/tinydino/

20 thoughts on “tinyDino - The smallest Arduino clone possible

  1. Thanks for this, got some atmega88s sent by mistake the other day so I might make some of these. You jumbled the letters in the package though. It should be 28QFN.

  2. I believe it's time to make arduino clone on xmega device. It has a lot more peripherals, and does not require quartz resonator.

  3. Yes, someone should make it. Arduino Mega should be good starting point. Some Atmega A4 chip could be awesome. The only problem is that it needs new core written because the registers aren't same as 8 bit atmegas.

  4. Hi - Like the idea. Maybe I'm too old but, your cool looking 'Black' website is way too hard to read. Would you please consider updating to lighter with dark text? All the pro sites are kinda along that line because a wider audience can see what there is. Thanks again. Good Job!

  5. I just gunzipped your tar file. What is the file inside? There is no extension on the file. Is it Eagle or ?

  6. It seems that the file is having some issues. I replaced the download with .rar, seems to work now.

    And I like black web pages, it is easier to read and takes less electricity to display.

  7. This looks great, but I've no idea how to go about fabricating such a board - any hints and tips?

    1. Well, if you are crazy then you can hand make them. I think I will make post about making crazy small boards (handmade 0.1mm via under a qfn for example). But I will order them from factory and start selling them in couple of months.

  8. @jaanus - actually the black page power usage thing has been disproven, since the advent of LCD screens.

    @brianS - your browser can set per website styles to set custom color here. Safari has a 'reader' button, and Firefox has many plugins for this including GreaseMonkey.

  9. And the black screen saving power is back again with OLED displays. (Smartphones and the new Apple 15" Mac book pro)

    Although I suspect the vast majority of people read this on an LCD display.


  10. Nice job! I can tell you that even though some folks complain about the lack of pins, some projects may only need 1 or 2 pins. This is a nice board. 🙂

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