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Thanks to Markus I have been involved with EstCube1 satellite building for about half a year. That came as a suprice to me too because, well, I hated space. It seemed so expensive and far. But now, it seems logical. Space is home to new technologies, everything is harder to make for space and cruising on the land is too easy anyway. Chilling on the moon would be tens of time as awesome than on land. So now my daily activity is building satellite power system.

Data lines, protecting resistors and corner of AVR.

Piece of my pcb work on satellite. Data lines, protecting resistors and corner of AVR.

I myself am not interested in mechanic or rocket part of the space, but the electronics and design in general. The electronic part, like everything else has to be as rugged as possible and if possible, have several backups. This makes designing such devices very interesting. One random capacitor per circuit is not enough when you get hit by solar wind or charged particles.

Over the last half year, I have discovered that the golden ages of the space are over and the better ones have not arrived yet. The public doesn't care about the space and the web lacks materials and articles. Of course, everything being classified helps a lot. Fortunately there are some (funny) articles about space, my favorite one is Space Colonization. Because without space colonization, human race is dead in longer run.

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