Eeweb and advertising

Eeweb wanted to exchange links with me. Like always it sounded like a trap, but no. On closer examination it came out that they host webcomic that I read every week. I just have to link them now: . Because I love webcomics.

Return to Zero webcomic

They also wanted me to link their toolbox. So I checked it out and I was baffled to see all those tools. All calculators I had needed and that I couldn't find like Trace Resistance calculator that I needed for my last project and couldn't find one. And all done in pretty javascript, eye rests on it.

To not make it too one sided: check out Ohm's Law calculator on Basically it has calculators to calculate I, U, P and R from each other in every combination. Super useful if you are too lazy to bend the formulas.

And to make it clear, they didn't pay me. I link them and everybody else because I like the content. At some point I thought about putting advertisement on my page to make it pay for itself, but now I don't want any more. There is enough stupid ads everywhere and I don't need that money so bad. Besides, if you are like me, all the ads take you to HobbyKing anyway, so go there without ads and buy their stuff. They are good and cheap.

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