Rework station
Saike 898D soldering station

Saike 898D soldering station

I have got myself bunch of cheap lab stuff. The most expensive of them - Saike 898d rework station. This is the cheapest combination of soldering and rework station on ebay - only 80€. While waiting it to arrive I figured out why all packages from China take a month to arrive - they are in Russian customs for 25 days. Or at least that is why my soldering station was in the post for a month.

The experience of the soldering station so far is amazing. The hot air soldering is as it should be - adjustable temperature, air flow and plenty of nozzles, not some wrecked and broken station in the school lab.  Desoldering chips is convenient like it should. Unfortunately I haven't bought solder paste yet, so soldering chips on is still annoying.

The soldering tip part is good to. I managed to damage the tip in a week, because of mu clumsiness. I bough new and wider tip what works really well with everything I have soldered (DIP, SOIC, TQFP). It still is one of the best irons I have used. Ground pads take a second to heat up but compared to my old 5€ iron - still awesome. Its so good to have good soldering station just for yourself, I highly recommend getting one.

Hot air rework part review.

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